Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4

Last night and yesterday were great days for dad. He got signed off by his doctors by the end of last night and will be discharged this afternoon. He is anxious to get home and see his Bobby and also to see his walking grandson! He would love visitors at home, let us know if you're able to swing by. We will update again after he gets home. We are expecting after noon.


Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3

Today is definitely better then yesterday once again. Difference is that today daddy is itching to get out! He went out on 3 walks with the therapist and was excited for them to take the catheter out! He has been walking to the bathroom and active around the room. Most likely he will be going home tomorrow. Only one doctor discharge him today. We also have our caregiver starting tomorrow! Let's hope he stays this way and motivated.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

August 1

Today was better then yesterday, always a good thing! He is anxious to get out of bed and to get moving around! The nurses don't want him walking around until his physical therapist comes. His infections seem to be pushing out and he is feeling better.

He definitely is confused when he starts his days. Anytime after he wakes up it takes him a little bit to understand where he is or whats going on. He said today that he wants to get home soon so I don't have to worry about him in japan. He is so worried about everyone else still, and loves to say "thank you thank you thank you!"

Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31

Today was altogether a better day. Dad is moving around a little more and was seen by physical therapy. He got up and sat in a different chair, he wasn't hunched over as much as he has been lately. They are still having him use the commode for the restroom, which he does not like at all. He feels that he is able to walk, but once he gets up, his legs get pretty weak.

He is very confused whenever he wakes up or starts to space out. If you keep him in the zone he is able to focus and know whats going on. Overall he is pretty confused and doesn't always know where he is or how he got here or why he's here. He sometimes tells doctors different reasons as to why he is in the hospital.

He got a bath today and was excited to shave and brush his teeth. He's much more active in his upper body, so we are hoping for lots of physical therapy to get him walking again.

Multiple doctors have seen him today and there isn't much of a change in his diagnosis. He still needs to get his infections pushed out of his system. None of the doctors are planning for him to be released until these are completely cleared of his body. They have done more tests and we have requested for an MRI of the brain. This will hopefully be done over the weekend.

He had lots of visitors yesterday including Gail, Michael, Liz, Kathy, Richard and myself. This morning all he could talk about was how happy he was that so many people came to visit him. He is in room 430 at st. jude and loves to have visitors. He also appreciates all the phone calls, he has his cell and also can be reached at his room at 714 446-5650 room 430 bed 1.

He was moved to a new room as we requested and has slept much much better. Last night we had a room mate in his 50's who was discharged today. He was then replaced by a new room mate who is around his age and speaks Portuguese. He is a very nice man and has been in the hospital since Sunday. We are grateful for good roommates who lets dad get some good sleep!

Thanks for all your continued support, please don't hesitate to call or come and check on him. He loves the love and our family appreciates the support!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

july 29 4:30pm

Dad has a UTI and Muscle infection. This can be the cause for his confusion and lack of strength. Since he already has bad kidneys, there isn't much to help the infection, thus the infection is then amplified because of the kidneys. He is getting treated with antibiotics for both and will also continue on saline. This will not only hydrate him and flush the infections. He is on a cathader so he will not have to get up to pee that much. He will be admitted for the night, most likely to stay a few days here. Let's hope this is the cause of all the problems we have been having and will get him back onto his feet!


July 29 2:30pm

This morning we decided that it would be best to bring dad into the hospital to get down to the bottom of what is going on. We can't get him into the car to get to the doctors, so the only way we are going to find out is to go through the ER. The ambulance picked up dad this morning. Only after he got his breakfast and wiped down. He wanted to make sure he ate before we got there because he knew we wouldn't get him any food.

We are now still in the emergency room waiting for results. They are running multiple tests and xrays. Hopefully these results will come back with something wrong with them. We can then find out what the deal is with dad.

Also, this morning before we left, the hospital bed was delievered to the house and put together. This will make it easier for dad and more convenient for everyone to help him in and out of bed and to be part of the family. Life Alert also came and installed their program today. Theresa is at the house and will be waiting to interview the actual nurse that will be working with dad. We will update as we go.

Thanks for your concerns!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28

Last night was a very difficult night. Daddy and I (jenny) made it up about 4 stairs with great energy, then all of a sudden he couldn't make it up any more stairs. We sat and struggled until, miraculously, Theresa and Bryan stopped by for a visit. Bryan helped me get dad up to the middle of the stairs, it was too much work for the two of us. Our neighbors and Bryan's family are both on vacation, so they were not able to help us. Theresa went down the street to see if Bryan's uncle was home, he was not, but there was a man that was able to help! Bryan, Dave (the stranger) and I were able to carry dad up the second set of stairs. He then helped us a little with his walker get him into bed. We were sooo thankful this guy was able to help!

Theresa and I got him changed and into bed for the night with his medication. He slept very well through the night and wasn't up till about 9:45am! He has lost a lot of control of his bladder and wet through the foam mattress he has above his mattress. This morning he was very alert and excited for breakfast. In the afternoon it seemed he had a little more energy since he didn't have to move around the house.

Since we had such a hard time getting him up the stairs, we decided that we can't have him going up and down even on a chair lift. We have decided and have had it recommended that we get a hospital bed in the house for him. He will be able to get in and out of bed easier and it will also be easier to sit up to eat and watch tv and such. We are going to be getting this tomorrow and dad can be downstairs with the gang and his Bobby.

Today, Theresa and Kathy interviewed several agencies I set up for them to help care for Dad. They made their decision pretty quick and we have a second interview starting tomorrow. I am hoping that a new positive face in the house will help us out with daddy. He really needs some motivating phone calls and visits. His ego is really hurt and he is really upset that he doesn't know what is going on. He is mentally aware of his body not reacting and it's frustrating him a lot. He wants to be able to do everything on his own.